Our Team

Kristi Villegas Cobb

Outreach Director

Kristi Villegas Cobb serves as the Outreach Director for 3D Networks. In this role, she coordinates 3D events, assists with day-to-day operations, and oversees our website. Additionally, Kristi coordinates and executes large and small-scale client events and manages client press and web presence. Kristi is integral to our work with nonprofits and our work in the green sector. She works with clients to draft collateral, compile databases, conduct outreach, and execute workshops and community outreach events.
Professional Experience
Kristi graduated with honors from the University of Southern California. She holds a BA in Public Relations and American Studies in Ethnicity. Kristi has recently returned to work at 3D Networks after a hiatus. She worked with the company in its founding years as an Account Manager and Campaign Scheduler for Rocky Delgadillo’s campaign for Attorney General in 2010.

Mildred Melendez

Outreach Coordinator

As the Outreach Coordinator, Mildred is an integral facilitator of the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, and L.A. Metro Regional Contractor Development and Bonding Programs. She provides database management, analytic reports, creates and provides a variety of internal and external communications, assists with online and in-person event registration, and provides a range of technical assistance. She also facilitates and hosts contractor workshops.
Professional Experience
Mildred joined 3D Networks in 2019 as Outreach Coordinator. Mildred is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. There she earned a BA in Psychology with a minor in Latin American Studies.

Vivian Soto

Outreach Coordinator

As the Outreach Coordinator, Vivian works with multiple clients to grow small businesses in Los Angeles. She provides integral assistance on projects designed to introduce green sector jobs, contracting opportunities, and bonding opportunities to California businesses.  Vivian assists with the execution of workshops, contractor database expansion, and weekly newsletter production for the City of Los Angeles’s Contractor Development and Bonding Program under Merriwether and Williams Insurance Services. She also aids in the production and execution of youth-focused and business-professional-focused educational programming for our non-profit clients.
Professional Experience
Vivian is a graduate of California State University Long Beach and an experienced administrator and communicator. Vivian’s excellent writing skills and years of experience developing professional relationships make her an asset to the 3D Networks team.

Alexandra Rooker

Outreach Consultant

As the County Outreach Consultant, Alexandra promotes the Regional Contractor Development and Bonding Program on the County level. Alexandra utilizes her years of experience working with county officials to conduct outreach to County Supervisor’s offices, schedule Regional Outreach Workshops, and target small and diverse contractors County-wide.
Professional Experience
Alexandra has served as an elected Officer of the Communications Workers of America, Local 9400, and a statewide Lobbyist for the Communications Workers of America, District 9. She was elected to the California Democratic Party as 1st Vice Chair for 24 years. Alexandra served as Acting Chair of the California Democratic Party, running the Statewide Party of 58 Counties and 21 Regions. She also served on the Democratic National Committee as a Superdelegate for President Obama as well as on the Rules and Bylaws Committee. Alexandra’s extensive experience and numerous professional relationships make her a unique and valuable member of the 3D Networks team.

Md Islam

Accounting Consultant

As the Accounting Consultant, Md reviews and engages in billing/invoicing procedures between 3D and clients to ensure data integrity, compliance to established standards, and preparation of billing documents. Additionally, he manages and reviews the company’s payments to internal consultants to ensure timeliness, integrity, and streamlined processes.

Professional Experience
Professional Experience: Md joined 3D Networks Corp in 2022. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.


Isabella Guglielmo

Outreach Analyst

As the Outreach Analyst, Isabella handles data management for the Regional Contractor Development and Bonding Program. Isabella fulfills an essential role by entering the TAR entries that track the program’s progress.
Professional experience
Isabella is currently a senior at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. In addition to working for 3D Networks, she volunteers for the Peninsula Teen Advisory Council and Lion’s Heart.